Who We Are

Time Jump Investments is not comprised of traditional investment bankers, but rather facilitators, financial managers, and professionals such as attorneys, accountants and marketing specialists. Our expertise in business development has been accumulated through an extensive background in merchant services, investment banking, and multi-level marketing.

What We Do:

Time Jump Investments offers sales and marketing consulting services and consistently delivers growth solutions to all types of businesses, large and small. At Time Jump Investments, we connect you with products and services tailor-made to your unique business.

Time Jumps’ abilities are not industry-specific. The company is involved in such diverse fields as; lead generation, web design and development, technology, business-to-business and business-to-consumer product development. In short, the companies’ capabilities span virtually every industry. However, Time Jumps’ specialty lies in business-to-business product development, fulfillment, and transactions.


Time Jump has put an emphasis on Internet marketing and online advertising over the last year and a half. Through solid business relationships and strategic partnerships, Time Jump has become the centerpiece of a significant worldwide network.

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